shell script to easily configure mu4e accounts on Emacs
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2022-09-15 14:21sed_i(): revamp functionCem Keylan1+35-6
2022-08-30 22:44initial releaseCem Keylan1+1-1
2022-08-30 22:43docs: link manual pagesCem Keylan4+8-0
2022-08-30 22:42Makefile: add .POSIX targetCem Keylan1+2-0
2022-08-30 22:42Makefile: add dist and clean targetsCem Keylan1+10-1
2022-08-30 22:34docs: updateCem Keylan4+7-7
2022-08-30 22:27docs: updateCem Keylan1+17-0
2022-08-30 18:42docs: updateCem Keylan1+28-11
2022-06-16 08:28muw: add message on initialising the databaseCem Keylan1+1-0
2022-06-16 08:27parser_definiton(): fix shellcheck warningCem Keylan1+1-1
2022-05-25 15:05main(): separate preparation to its own functionCem Keylan1+9-1
2022-05-25 15:04notify(): add notification display support for herbeCem Keylan1+19-2
2021-08-23 13:37test_connection(): use a simpler sed/grep call. Fixes #11Cem Keylan1+4-4
2021-07-24 22:45muw: attempt to fix SASL error on MacOSCem Keylan1+1-0
2021-07-12 20:11set_msmtp(): also check the contents of msmtp configCem Keylan1+5-1
2021-06-02 19:04muw: release 1.0.0-rc1Cem Keylan2+4-2
2021-06-02 19:02muw.1: updateCem Keylan1+3-1
2021-06-02 19:01muw-delete, muw-sync: add manual pagesCem Keylan2+81-0
2021-06-01 17:59muw-add.1: Add section on CA CertificatesCem Keylan1+36-1
2021-06-01 17:59muw: change manual location on error messageCem Keylan1+2-2
2021-06-01 17:24muw: handle issues where CA certificate files don't exist. Fixes #10Cem Keylan1+19-6
2021-06-01 17:22err(): change error output formatCem Keylan1+1-1
2021-04-13 08:34muw-add.1: fix date stringCem Keylan1+1-1
2021-04-13 08:30README: updateCem Keylan1+2-2
2021-04-13 08:29README: remove initiating-mu sectionCem Keylan1+0-11
2021-04-13 08:27Makefile: use, install manual pagesCem Keylan2+63-9
2021-04-13 08:12muw-add: add manual pageCem Keylan1+125-0
2021-04-13 07:23muw: add manual page for the main toolCem Keylan1+56-0
2021-03-30 06:09mu-init: exit after first email matchCem Keylan1+1-1
2021-02-10 00:13set_mbsync(): _optionally_ use isync syntax if availableCem Keylan1+13-2
2021-02-07 08:17test_connection(): do not pipe grep into sedCem Keylan1+4-4
2021-02-07 07:23test_connection(): send kill signal to exit on a failureCem Keylan1+8-4
2021-02-06 23:34docs: updateCem Keylan1+35-9
2021-02-06 23:33muw: fix typoCem Keylan1+1-1
2021-02-06 17:57Makefile: updateCem Keylan1+1-4
2021-02-06 17:57mailsync: drop from repositoryCem Keylan1+0-28
2021-02-06 17:56muw: Align mbsync Far/Near stringsCem Keylan1+2-2
2021-02-06 17:37muw: prepare for initial releaseCem Keylan1+491-72
2021-02-06 14:56yesno(): Add noconfirm variableCem Keylan1+6-1
2021-02-06 00:57muw: replace deprecated isync valuesCem Keylan1+2-2
2020-12-11 14:44mu4e-config: cleanupCem Keylan1+1-5
2020-11-27 17:07mu4e-config.el: Only require mu4eCem Keylan1+1-3
2020-11-16 11:01set_accountlisp(): fix mu4e-sent-messages-behaviourCem Keylan1+1-1
2020-11-07 08:40muw: set -eCem Keylan1+1-1
2020-11-07 08:40pm_del(): return 0 no matter whatCem Keylan1+1-1
2020-11-07 08:39get_domains(): use if statementCem Keylan1+2-2
2020-11-06 20:21get_domains(): simplifyCem Keylan1+7-10
2020-11-06 20:11set_accountlisp(): fix shortcuts, add mu4e-sent-folderCem Keylan1+2-1
2020-11-06 12:03pm_ask(): remove modified pash using trapsCem Keylan1+3-2
2020-11-06 12:03main(): unset trap instead of emptying itCem Keylan1+1-1
2020-11-06 12:01sed_i(): Return if the file doesn't existCem Keylan1+1-0
2020-11-06 12:01prompt_required(): add a prompt() wrapper that requires inputCem Keylan1+12-3
2020-11-06 11:26README: add instructions for muCem Keylan1+16-8
2020-11-06 11:19README: add instructions to setup password managersCem Keylan1+39-0
2020-11-06 10:31README: updateCem Keylan1+11-0
2020-11-06 10:26MUW_PWM: Force a password managerCem Keylan1+1-1
2020-11-05 23:01README: updateCem Keylan1+1-1
2020-11-05 22:59README: switch to org-mode for documentationCem Keylan2+107-98
2020-11-05 remove shebangCem Keylan1+1-1
2020-11-05 add domain overrideCem Keylan1+7-0
2020-11-05 22:48mu4e-sent-messages-behavior: set locally instead of globally.Cem Keylan2+3-2
2020-11-05 20:50yesno(): add docstring, return 2 if any button other than y/n is receivedCem Keylan1+4-1
2020-11-05 20:48getbut(): add docstringCem Keylan1+3-2
2020-11-05 20:36prompt(): make it better reusable. Read description.Cem Keylan1+45-26
2020-11-05 12:33muw: check if ssl file is readableCem Keylan1+1-1
2020-11-05 07:13README: fix styleCem Keylan1+41-15
2020-11-05 07:13muw: fix typoCem Keylan1+1-1
2020-11-05 05:54remove unrelated string on section UsageaaaawwWWWwwwwWWW1+1-1
2020-11-04 17:39Add 2 sections; overall improvementsaaaawwWWWwwwwWWW1+20-21
2020-10-27 21:37muw: simplify password managementCem Keylan1+26-32
2020-10-27 21:36msmtp_header(): adhere to the XDG desktop specificationCem Keylan1+3-2
2020-10-27 21:35yesno(): only require a single button pressCem Keylan1+11-3
2020-10-27 14:09mailsync: make some simplificationsCem Keylan1+16-19
2020-10-25 14:02mu4e-config.el: remove config-home variableCem Keylan1+2-4
2020-10-25 13:49mu4e-config.el: move sent messages to the sent folderCem Keylan1+1-1
2020-09-04 14:16muw: add share to usage informationCem Keylan2+5-4
2020-09-04 14:13Merge branch 'master' into overridesCem Keylan1+3-0
2020-09-04 14:08readme: updateCem Keylan1+20-0
2020-09-04 13:56get_information(): information could also be found on the overridesCem Keylan1+1-1
2020-07-28 11:29Makefile: fix installing overridesCem Keylan1+2-2
2020-07-28 11:07Merge branch 'master' into overridesCem Keylan1+13-0
2020-07-25 23:42Makefile: install overridesCem Keylan1+4-0
2020-07-25 23:42move share directory to overridesCem Keylan5+4-4
2020-07-25 23:26mu-wizard: supply override for protonmail hostsCem Keylan3+32-0
2020-07-25 23:25mu-wizard: add initial support for overridesCem Keylan1+15-2
2020-07-21 11:23update READMECem Keylan1+3-3
2020-07-21 11:21add licenseCem Keylan1+674-0
2020-07-21 11:15initial commitCem Keylan5+463-0