shell script to easily configure mu4e accounts on Emacs
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,28 +1,35 @@ -mu-wizard --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - +## mu-wizard Shell script to auto-configure email accounts for `mu4e` similar in function to mutt-wizard. It uses `isync` to synchronize mail accounts, `msmtp` to send mail and creates individual Lisp profiles for each account. It is still WIP. - -Dependencies --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - +## Dependencies * `isync` (for offline mail storage) * `mu` (or maildir-utils depending on your distribution) * `msmtp` (for sending mails) * Password manager (`pass`, `pash`, and `pm` is supported) +## Installation +In order to install mu-wizard, clone this repository and build mu-wizard. + git clone + cd mu-wizard + make install -Installation and Configuration --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +Users of Arch Linux based distributions can install mu-wizard through the AUR package [mu-wizard-git]( -In order to install clone this repository and run the following command. + yay -S mu-wizard-git - make install +## Usage +The wizard is run with `muw`. The options bellow are availabe for usage with `muw`: +- `muw`: Show usage help. +- `muw a`: **Add** and aoutoconfigure an email address. +- `muw d`: Pick an account to **delete**. +- `muw l`: **List** configured accounts. +- `muw p`: **Purge** all configuration. +- `muw s`: See your **share** directory: command not found. +## Emacs Configuration Emacs will not be loading the configurations, you will need to set it manually. In your init file, you may choose to load the configuration in the following ways. @@ -42,28 +49,20 @@ ways. :load-path "~/.config/mu4e") ``` - -`Domains.csv` file --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - +## `Domains.csv` file `mu-wizard` doesn't come with a predefined `domains.csv` file, but it can use one if it is found on `/usr/share/mu-wizard/domains.csv`. `mu-wizard` also saves the domain information that you use when creating an account on your configuration directory, so you don't have to retype every detail when creating a second account with the same domain. - -Overrides --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - +## Overrides Domain-level overrides are possible by adding a shell file to either the share directory (`/usr/local/share/mu-wizard/overrides`) or the user configuration directory (`~/.config/mu4e/overrides`). See `overrides/` for an example override. You can run `muw share` to learn your share directory. - ### Protonmail users - `mu-wizard` supports protonmail. If you are using one of the default domains, you don't have to do anything. If you are an alternative domain, you can link the override to your personal domain. Here is an example: