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NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
braan-wikiB'raan wiki dosyaları Cem Keylan2019-11-19 08:11
bmbibliography manager for latex Cem Keylan2019-10-23 07:31
carbsCem's Auto Rice Bootstrapping Scripts Cem Keylan2020-01-11 19:33
carbsdocsDocumentation source for carbs Cem Keylan2019-11-08 09:42
dmenudynamic menu by (fork) Cem Keylan2020-01-05 18:34
dotfilesCem's Dotfiles Cem Keylan2020-01-08 16:20
dwmDynamic Window Manager by (fork) Cem Keylan2020-01-20 19:14
etcUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 2020-01-06 20:32
gentoo-busybox-initReplace SysVinit/OpenRC on Gentoo with busybox-init/runit Cem Keylan2019-12-28 19:51
keylanzshMy edit of the Dieter Zsh theme Cem Keylan2019-06-26 11:31
kiss-repositorymy personal repository for the KISS package manager Cem Keylan2020-01-20 07:47
kvpkernel version patcher Cem Keylan2020-01-18 14:04
merge-hostsManage your /etc/hosts Cem Keylan2020-01-16 10:11
mirrorgitSimple Script for Mirroring git Repos Cem Keylan2019-09-25 08:06
motd-genmy Message of the Day scripts Cem Keylan2020-01-02 21:24
pinentry-dmenuYet another implementation of pinentry-dmenu Cem Keylan2020-01-25 15:25
pioneer600Pioneer600 sample for headless raspberry pi servers Cem Keylan2018-09-14 23:53
runitscriptsCem's modified runit scripts for Void Linux Cem Keylan2019-12-02 10:20
sbsimple bar for dwm Cem Keylan2019-12-26 07:56
sclipsimple clipboard manager for both X and TTY Cem Keylan2019-11-20 08:41
slstatusdwm status bar for carbs Cem Keylan2019-09-30 17:41
surfSimple browser by (fork) Cem Keylan2019-11-26 13:17
stSimple Terminal by (fork) Cem Keylan2020-01-03 19:21
stagitbuildbuilder-manager for stagit pages Cem Keylan2020-01-03 20:06
sxlock-carbssxlock fitted to CARBS Cem Keylan2019-11-14 22:38
tabbedMy build of suckless tabbed Cem Keylan2019-11-27 12:32
vcarbsCem's Auto Rice Bootstrapping Scripts, for Void Linux Cem Keylan2020-01-02 07:41
vdotfilesCem's Dotfiles for Void Linux Cem Keylan2020-01-08 16:20
WallpapersWallpapers I use on my laptop Cem Keylan2019-11-16 17:00
xresource-themesmy Xresources themes Cem Keylan2019-11-11 11:35