shell script to easily configure mu4e accounts on Emacs
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README: add instructions to setup password managers

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -10,6 +10,10 @@ account. It is still WIP. Expect breaking changes until the first release. * Table of Contents :TOC:noexport: - [[#dependencies][Dependencies]] - [[#installation][Installation]] +- [[#initiating-password-managers][Initiating password managers]] + - [[#pass][pass]] + - [[#pash][pash]] + - [[#pm][pm]] - [[#usage][Usage]] - [[#emacs-configuration][Emacs Configuration]] - [[#domains-file][Domains file]] @@ -43,6 +47,41 @@ package [[][mu-wizard-git]]. Thi yay -S mu-wizard-git #+END_SRC +* Initiating password managers + +All of the password managers require some sort of initializing before you can +store your passwords. This must be done *before* you run ~muw~ for the first +time. You will need to have a GnuPG key for all of the password managers +supported by ~muw~. You can create a GPG key by running ~gpg --gen-key~, or +~gpg --full-gen-key~. + +See the documentation of your password manager for more information on setting +up your password manager, below are simple instructions enough to get you going. + +** pass + +In order to initiate pass, do the following: + +#+BEGIN_SRC sh + pass init +#+END_SRC + +** pash + +In order to use pash, add the following to your =.bashrc= (or what have you): + +#+BEGIN_SRC sh + export +#+END_SRC + +** pm + +In order to use pm, add the following to your =.bashrc= (or what have you): + +#+BEGIN_SRC sh + export +#+END_SRC + * Usage The wizard is called by running ~muw~. The options below are available to use: