shell script to easily configure mu4e accounts on Emacs
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -51,3 +51,23 @@ one if it is found on `/usr/share/mu-wizard/domains.csv`. `mu-wizard` also saves the domain information that you use when creating an account on your configuration directory, so you don't have to retype every detail when creating a second account with the same domain. + + +Overrides +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- + +Domain-level overrides are possible by adding a shell file to either the share +directory (`/usr/local/share/mu-wizard/overrides` (depends on your prefix)) or +the user configuration directory (`~/.config/mu4e/overrides`). See +`overrides/` for an example override. + + +### Protonmail users + +`mu-wizard` supports protonmail. If you are using one of the default domains, +you don't have to do anything. If you are an alternative domain, you can link +the override to your personal domain. Here is an example: + +``` sh +ln -sf /usr/share/mu-wizard/overrides/ $HOME/.config/mu4e/overrides/ +```