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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,12 +1,21 @@ SYSMGR -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +NOTE: I am working on a _C version of_ sysmgr. While it works at its current +state, I have been shown that it isn't the most efficient solution. After +writing small C utilities to make sysmgr more efficient than it is, I understood +that rather than doing an ugly C/Shell hybrid, I should do it completely C +based. [Here] is a better explanation. See: <> + SYSMGR is a service manager for Linux written in POSIX shell and simple C utilities. It reads the service scripts from the given SYSDIR (which is '/var/sysmgr' by default) and executes them asynchronously via RUNSYSSV. While exiting it sends a hangup signal to all RUNSYSSV processes. +[Here]: + + Directory structure --------------------------------------------------------------------------------