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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -15,12 +15,30 @@ password patch enabled, and let's be honest, the dev of pinentry-dmenu probably receives lots of messages because of it. +Unnecessary stuff, like stest, has been removed from the +source. + +Installation +------------ + This build of dmenu, renamed as pinentry-dmenu-core can be configured from config.h and be recompiled, exactly the same as the actual dmenu. -Unnecessary stuff, like stest, has been removed from the -source. +To install just do (if necessary, as root) + + make + make install + +You can only install the pinentry-dmenu script, by doing + + make pinentry-install + + +NOTE: +Doing a `pinentry-install` modifies the script to make it +look for `dmenu` instead of `pinentry-dmenu-core`. + [1]: [2]: