[ARCHIVED] my build of st
git clone git://git.ckyln.com/~cem/old-st.git
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commit 67edadf3da9ee48d19298e19f9f6c9e3cf082283
parent 0566509776c58b18c1a32e2bf1f1efc51873312d
Author: Cem Keylan <cem@ckyln.com>
Date:   Fri, 20 Sep 2019 14:51:19 +0300

change man page

Mst.1 | 19++++++++++++++++---
1 file changed, 16 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/st.1 b/st.1 @@ -142,13 +142,13 @@ Print the full screen to the Print the selection to the .I iofile. .TP -.B Ctrl-Shift-Page Up +.B Win-Shift-j Increase font size. .TP -.B Ctrl-Shift-Page Down +.B Win-Shift-k Decrease font size. .TP -.B Ctrl-Shift-Home +.B Win-Shift-h Reset to default font size. .TP .B Ctrl-Shift-y @@ -159,12 +159,25 @@ Copy the selected text to the clipboard selection. .TP .B Ctrl-Shift-v Paste from the clipboard selection. +.TP +.B Ctrl-Shift-e +Edit st's stdout on an editor +.TP +.B Ctrl-Shift-o +Copy a command's output +.TP +.B Win-Shift-o +Follow a link +.TP +.B Win-Shift-c +Copy a link to the clipboard .SH CUSTOMIZATION .B st can be customized by creating a custom config.h and (re)compiling the source code. This keeps it fast, secure and simple. .SH AUTHORS See the LICENSE file for the authors. +Fork by Cem Keylan (cem@ckyln.com) .SH LICENSE See the LICENSE file for the terms of redistribution. .SH SEE ALSO