bloated emacs configuration
git clone git://git.ckyln.com/~cem/emacs.d.git
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      1 cem's emacs configuration
      2 -------------------------
      4 This is my bloated Emacs configuration written in org-mode. The configuration is
      5 tangled from org-mode to emacs-lisp on initial startup. So both the code and the
      6 documentation can be found in 'init.org'.
      8 Obviously this is a pretty personalized configuration. It focuses on C, Shell,
      9 Go, and just a tiny bit of Python. Since I personally use emacsclient, I don't
     10 aim to keep the emacs startup fast. On my personal computer, I start emacs
     11 daemon when my user session starts, which takes around 10 seconds (unless I
     12 restart emacs, which takes a little less than a second), and I connect to the
     13 daemon with emacsclient, which takes no time.
     16 install
     17 -------
     19 In order to install, simply clone this repository to your home directory, and
     20 start emacs.
     22     git clone git://git.ckyln.com/emacs.d ~/.emacs.d
     24 The initial launch will take a few minutes while emacs builds the packages in
     25 this configuration.