sysmgr implemented in C
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2021-07-03 19:11Relicense to MITCem Keylan1+18-675
2020-10-10 16:31bump to 0.1.1Cem Keylan1+1-1
2020-10-10 12:59proc.c: No need to print error, pid file might not be thereCem Keylan1+0-1
2020-10-10 11:44Makefile: print configuration optionsCem Keylan1+12-2
2020-10-10 11:32runsyssv/svctl/sysmgr-depends.c: add license headersCem Keylan3+51-0
2020-10-10 11:28sysmgr: print variables on usageCem Keylan1+4-3
2020-10-10 11:18sysmgr.c: forgot to remove those printf callsCem Keylan1+0-3
2020-10-10 11:12svctl: fix return statuses.Cem Keylan1+3-1
2020-10-10 11:12io.c: remove unused functionCem Keylan2+0-12
2020-10-10 09:21sysmgr: initial releaseCem Keylan1+1-1
2020-10-10 09:20README: updateCem Keylan2+25-8
2020-10-10 09:20Makefile: add version information to manual pagesCem Keylan1+1-1
2020-10-10 09:17sysmgr: add manual pagesCem Keylan5+128-4
2020-10-10 08:49runsyssv/svctl/sysmgr-depends.c: deal with unused variablesCem Keylan3+11-4
2020-10-10 08:47svctl: do not exit during 'status' call when service is down.Cem Keylan1+10-2
2020-10-10 08:22svctl: remove unused variableCem Keylan1+0-2
2020-10-10 08:19config.def.h: reorder directoriesCem Keylan1+1-1
2020-10-10 08:18gitignore: add sysmgr-dependsCem Keylan1+1-0
2020-10-10 08:18add version to usage outputsCem Keylan2+3-2
2020-10-10 08:17sysmgr-depends: add program to track dependenciesCem Keylan2+44-1
2020-10-10 08:17Makefile: move directory configuration to config.mkCem Keylan2+4-3
2020-10-10 08:16strtonum.c: remove unnecessary objectCem Keylan3+1-89
2020-10-09 11:30sysmgr: fully works now, time for cleanupCem Keylan11+263-32
2020-10-07 18:38sysmgr.c: somewhat works with the shell parts (runsyssv, svctl)Cem Keylan5+163-14
2020-10-07 18:36rm.c: directory removing functionCem Keylan1+39-0
2020-10-02 18:51add LICENSECem Keylan1+675-0
2020-10-02 18:19updateCem Keylan13+243-34
2020-09-17 08:23initial commitCem Keylan10+414-0