shell script to easily configure mu4e accounts on Emacs
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muw-add.1 (5055B)

      1 .Dd Aug 31, 2022
      2 .Dt muw-add 1
      3 .Sh NAME
      4 .Nm muw add
      5 .Nd create new account configuration for muw
      6 .Sh SYNOPSIS
      7 .Nm
      8 .Op Fl chov
      9 .Op Fl a Ar EMAIL
     10 .Op Fl m Op Ar =COUNT
     11 .Op Fl r Ar NAME
     12 .Op Fl t Ar TITLE
     13 .Op Fl l Op Ar =USERNAME
     14 .Op Fl i Ar SERVER
     15 .Op Fl I Ar PORT
     16 .Op Fl s Ar SERVER
     17 .Op Fl S Ar PORT
     19 .Nm
     20 can be used to add and configure a maill acount to be used with
     21 .Sy mu4e .
     22 When you run
     23 .Nm
     24 it will start an interactive setup wizard that will receive input to configure
     25 certain options.
     26 .Nm
     27 can also be called with certain flags to configure options without requiring the
     28 interactive wizard. Those are:
     29 .Bl -tag
     30 .It Fl c, -disable-checks
     31 Disable checking
     32 .Pa domains.csv
     33 for acquiring domain information.
     34 .It Fl o, -disable-overrides
     35 Disable checking override files for acquiring domain information.
     36 .It Fl a, -address Ar EMAIL
     37 Email address for account generation.
     38 .It Fl m, -max-messages Op Ar =COUNT
     39 Maximum message COUNT to be kept offline, leave empty for unlimited.
     40 .It Fl r, -real-name Ar NAME
     41 You full name to be identified with the account.
     42 .It Fl t, -title Ar TITLE
     43 Unique account title
     44 .It Fl l, -login Op Ar =USERNAME
     45 Use your full address if empty or USERNAME for your login name
     46 .It Fl i, -imap Ar SERVER
     47 IMAP server address
     48 .It Fl I, -imap-port Ar PORT
     49 IMAP server port
     50 .It Fl s, -smtp Ar SERVER
     51 SMTP server address
     52 .It Fl S, -smtp-port Ar PORT
     53 SMTP server port
     54 .It Fl v, -version
     55 Display version information
     56 .It Fl h, -help
     57 Print this help message
     58 .Pp
     59 For each account set up,
     60 .Nm muw
     61 will create configurations for
     62 .Sy msmtp , isync
     64 .Pp
     65 .Nm muw
     66 supports the usage of three password managers, these are:
     67 .Bl -dash -offset indent -compact
     68 .It
     69 .Lk pass
     70 .It
     71 .Lk pash
     72 .It
     73 .Lk pm
     74 .El
     75 .Pp
     76 .Nm muw
     77 will use the first password manager found as the order above, and the password
     78 manager found during the setup wizard will always be the one used for
     79 authentication
     80 .Pq unless changed in both msmtp and isync configuration files .
     81 .Pp
     82 If you have, for some reason, have multiple password managers on your system,
     83 you can force which one to use by setting the
     84 .Va MUW_PWM
     85 environment variable to the password manager you want to use.
     87 It is possible to override the behaviour of built-in functions in order to
     88 achive domain-level control. This is usually not needed, but can be done for
     89 domains that require non-standard configuration, such as ProtonMail.
     90 .Pp
     91 If you need to override your email setup, you can create an override file, which
     92 is a shell script, and place it to either
     93 .Pa ~/.config/mu4e/overrides/
     94 or
     95 .Pa $SHAREDIR/overrides/ .
     96 You can learn what your
     97 .Va $SHAREDIR
     98 is by running
     99 .Ql muw data .
    100 .Pp
    101 The default installation has override configurations for
    102 .Lk ,
    103 .Lk ,
    104 .Lk ,
    105 and
    106 .Lk .
    108 Distros usually provide different methods of obtaining CA Certificate files. If
    109 you think you have a CA Certificate on a different path than what is searched,
    110 you can manually specify the location of the file by setting the
    111 .Ev MUW_CACERT
    112 environment variable to the location of the certificate file.
    113 .Bd -offset indent -literal
    114 export MUW_CACERT=/path/to/cacert.pem
    115 .Ed
    116 This manual mentions some of the ways I know of installing CA Certificates, and
    117 also a manual way of doing it. If you want to add your distribution to this
    118 manual, feel free to do so by creating an issue on the repository.
    119 .Ss Debian-based distros
    120 You require the package named
    121 .Sy ca-certificates .
    122 After you obtain the package, you can run:
    123 .Bd -offset indent -literal
    124 /usr/sbin/update-ca-certificates
    125 .Ed
    126 .Ss Carbs Linux
    127 If you are using Carbs Linux, it is highly likely that you already have CA
    128 Certificate files installed by a post-install script from the
    129 .Sy libressl
    130 package. However, you can still manually install/update the certificate by
    131 running
    132 .Bd -offset indent -literal
    133 /etc/ssl/
    134 .Ed
    135 .Ss Manually installing CA Certificates
    136 If none of these ways mentioned above are fitting for you, you can manually
    137 download the CA Certificates with wget or curl.
    138 .Bd -offset indent -literal
    139 mkdir -p /etc/ssl
    140 curl -Lo /etc/ssl/cert.pem
    141 .Ed
    142 .Sh AUTHOR
    143 .An Cem Keylan Aq Mt
    144 .Sh COPYING
    145 Copyright (c) 2020-2022 Cem Keylan
    146 .Pp
    147 This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
    148 the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software
    149 Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later
    150 version.
    151 .Pp
    152 This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
    153 WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A
    154 PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the GNU General Public License for more details.
    155 .Pp
    156 You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with
    157 this program.  If not, see
    158 .Lk .
    159 .Sh SEE ALSO
    160 .Xr muw 1