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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -14,22 +14,7 @@ Tiny and straightforward package manager for KISS written in POSIX `sh`. ## `kiss` Guidestones -``` -* The package manager must not exceed 1000 lines of code. - This number excludes blank lines and comments which make - up around 50% of the program's current size. - -* The ends do not justify the means. A feature, fix or what - have you will not be implemented if it requires gross - hacks to accomplish. - -* The user is smart, the package manager is dumb. The package - manager is written under the assumption that the user has - some kind of functioning brain in their skull. - -* There are some things which can't be, shouldn't be and won't - be automated. Firstly, for my sanity and secondly, for yours. -``` +Read: https://getkiss.org/guidestones.txt ## Usage