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commit c57529688ebc6a5e90c9806414cc9f505e2487a1
parent 42daea6c0c9dabb14416101465e18c68cff47632
Author: Cem Keylan <cem@ckyln.com>
Date:   Sun,  7 Jun 2020 17:42:57 +0300

kiss: no longer ignore adding the C library and compiler.

We shouldn't be ignoring links to the compiler and the library as the abscence of
these will result in huge issues unless a package has been statically linked.

Mkiss | 2+-
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/kiss b/kiss @@ -532,7 +532,7 @@ pkg_fixdeps() { own=${own%/*} own=${own##*/} - case $own in musl|gcc|"$pkg_name"|"$pkg_name-bin"|"") continue ; esac + case $own in "$pkg_name"|"$pkg_name-bin"|"") continue ; esac printf 'Found %s (%s) in (%s)\n' "$own" "$dep" \ "${file##$pkg_dir/$pkg_name}" >/dev/tty