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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -4,6 +4,49 @@ Tiny package manager for KISS Linux. **NOTE:** I am in the process of adding multi-repository support and the package manager is currently in a non-working state. Once this feature is added things will work as normal. + ## Package format See: <https://github.com/kissx/packages> + + +## Getting started with `kiss` + +Kiss is a simple package manager written in POSIX `sh`. + +Kiss has 6 different "operators". + +- `build`: Build a package. +- `checksum`: Generate checksums for a package. +- `install`: Install a built package. +- `remove`: Remove an installed package. +- `list`: List installed packages. +- `update`: List packages with available updates. + +### `kiss build pkg` + +Kiss's `build` operator handles a package from its source code to the installable `.tar.gz` file. Sources are downloaded, checksums are verified, dependencies are checked and the package is compiled then packaged. + +### `kiss checksum pkg` + +Kiss's `checksum` operator generates the initial checksums for a package from every source in the `sources` file. + +### `kiss install pkg` + +Kiss's `install` operator takes the built `.tar.gz` file and installs it in the system. This is as simple as removing the old version of the package (*if it exists*) and unpacking the archive at `/`. + +### `kiss remove pkg` + +Kiss's `remove` operator uninstalls a package from your system. Files and directories in `/etc` are untouched. Support for exclusions will come as they are needed. + +### `kiss list` or `kiss list pkg` + +Kiss's `list` operator lists the installed packages and their versions. Giving `list` an argument will check if a singular package is installed. + +### `kiss update` + +Kiss's `update` operator compares the repository versions of packages to the installed database versions of packages. Any mismatch in versions is considered a new upgrade from the repository. + +The `update` mechanism doesn't do a `git pull` of the repository. This must be done manually beforehand and is intentional. It allows the user to `git pull` selectively. You can slow down the distribution's package updates by limiting pulling to a week behind master for example. + +