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change dracula to xresources

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diff --git a/carbs.tex b/carbs.tex @@ -151,21 +151,16 @@ Open this documentation: Meta+F1 st is's Simple Terminal. It is lightweight and extensible. CARBS deploys my build of st which includes my modifications to the terminal. \subsection{Features and Patches} -This build of st contains a little modified version of the Dracula theme and -Solarized Light theme patches. The terminal defaults to Dracula. I initially -applied the Solarized Both patch, but did not quite like the colors of Solarized -Dark, so I changed the colors to fit the Dracula theme. +\verb|scrollback| for adding -Other patches include: -\begin{verbatim} -scrollback externalpipe + alpha -\end{verbatim} + +xresources \subsection{Keybindings} \begin{verbatim} -Switch between themes: F6 Zoom in: Meta+Shift+J Zoom out: Meta+Shift+K