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diff --git a/carbs.tex b/carbs.tex @@ -252,6 +252,25 @@ Disable: Disables the override and runs \subsection{nightmodecheck} A command for the slstatus to check whether it is using nightmode or not, and whether it is overriden or not. +\subsection{shortcuts} +CARBS has a program for creating shortcuts, in a similar fashion to Luke Smith's +shortcuts. My version is an sh script instead of bash script. It also uses a single file for creating all of the shortcuts. + +Currently it supports shellshortcuts, dsh, and lf. + +\subsubsection{.config/files} +The configuration has a simple syntax. You begin with "f" for files and "d" +for directories, leave a space and you enter the shortcut, and enter the +file/directory you want to be shortcutted. + +e.g. +\begin{verbatim} +f cv ~/.config/nvim/init.vim +d bin ~/.local/bin +\end{verbatim} +\subsubsection{dsh} +dsh stands for dmenushortcuts. You can enter the shortcut inside, and it will +spawn a terminal with the file/directory opened with your editor/file manager. \subsection{wallset} Brings up current theme's wallpapers in a dmenu prompt and you can simply choose between them change the wallpaper