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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -0,0 +1,52 @@ +CARBS +===== + +Cem's Auto Rice Bootstrapping Script + +CARBS installs a fully functional desktop environment. + + +Installation +------------ + +Carbs can be installed by typing + +bash -c "(curl -L" + +Alternatively, you can clone the repository and simply execute the script. + + +Usage +----- + +carbs [options] + -p <progs.csv> Use an alternative progs.csv file (must be local) + -r <repo url> Use an alternative dotfiles repo + -d <location> Specify another place to install dotfiles + -n Run the script noninteractively (Requires sudo) + -P <filename> Download progs.csv and exit + + -h/--help Print this help message (to the terminal) + + +Requirements +------------ + +CARBS work on almost all Arch-based distros (almost all because I did not have +the chance try out Parabola), and all architechtures that can run Arch Linux + +It is always best to have a fresh install + + +Ideas and Suggestions +--------------------- + +If you have problems, or suggestions feel free to send me a mail at cem (at) ckyln dot com <> + + +Known Issues +------------ + +On architechtures other than x86_64 and aarch64, there is a problem installing yay, +although you can build yay everywhere you can install Go. I am currently trying to make a workaround for that. + diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,25 +0,0 @@ -# CARBS -**Cem's Auto-Rice Bootstrapping Script** *(Not a fork of LARBS)* - -**Documentation [(PDF)]( [(HTML)](** - -Documentation is also installed in /usr/share/doc/carbs/documentation.pdf - -CARBS is a bash script for installing a meta desktop environment on Arch Linux and derivatives. - -I wanted to make a custom script that will make it easy for people to install my rice. - -I have successfully tested this script on a -1. Fresh install of Arch x86_64 x86 -1. Fresh install of Manjaro x86_64 x86 -1. Fresh install of Anarchy Linux x86_64 - -I occasionally test the script on my laptops, but I test every single commit on a container environment to make sure it works. - -## Architectures -Currently, this script runs very well on 64-bit. You can install it on 32-bit as well, however, there are some problems with compton on 32-bit, I am looking into that. ARMv8 (or aarch64, you name it) currently does NOT work. My plan for ARM is to create a new rice and integrate it into this script. - -## Ideas and Suggestions -If you have problems, or suggestions feel free send me a mail at []( - -You modified my dotfiles, CARBS, or the documentation? Great! Send me the patch files via mail. I would really appreciate feedback.