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diff --git a/bm.1 b/bm.1 @@ -0,0 +1,56 @@ +.TH BM 1 bm\-VERSION +.SH NAME +bm \- bibliography manager for biblatex +.SH SYNOPSIS +.B bm +<option> [parameter] +.SH DESCRIPTION +.B bm +is a shell script for managing a bibliography file. It has features \ +for searching crossref api, getting crossref entry from DOI and adding \ +to the bibliography, and more. +.SH OPTIONS +.TP +.B search +<"search query"> +.TP +Search option runs the query against the api and lists the formatted \ +list to the standard output, which you can pipe into another program, \ +like a pager or an editor. +.TP +.B getbib +<DOI or .pdf file> [Explanation] +.TP +If a pdf file is given, it runs pdfinfo to find the DOI. If pdfinfo \ +fails to find DOI metadata, it runs pdftotext to find any DOI information. \ +It exits if both fails. If DOI is found from the pdf file \ +or the given parameter was a DOI, it runs a query of the DOI to \ +the crossref database to get bibtex entry. +.TP +You can also add an Explanation after the first parameter (with quotes) \ +to add a comment above the bibliography entry. +.TP +.B view +.TP +View your bibliography with your $PAGER, usually with less. +.TP +.B edit +.TP +Edit your bibliography with $EDITOR. +.TP +.B entry +.TP +Creates a temporary entry template file and opens it with an editor. It \ +adds the entry to your bibliography unless you cancel it. This is good \ +for not messing up with the main bibliography file. +.TP +.B help +.TP +Prints usage information to the standard output. +.TP +.B version +.TP +Prints version number and exits +.SH AUTHOR +Cem Keylan <> +